Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Crazy things in the mail..

Everyone gets junk mail,but today's visit to the mail box takes the cake. We got preapproved for 500 dollar credit on....SHOES!!!! We got this catalog that you can buy shoes on payment plans. That blows my mind. I could get a pair of Crocks for 3 payments or 13 bucks. I might send the magazine to Dave Ramsey. That is stupid to me.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Its almost summer.

We sure have been lazy with the blogging lately,haven't we? The last few weeks of work are always a real mess. Megan is swamped everyday. I am non stop. I think I eat lunch most days standing up or take bites when I can. But in a few short days it will be SUMMER,for me anyway. I got this week and 2 days next week. Megan has to go an extra week. This summer I will work at the school as the maintenance man. Its a perfect summer job for me. I make my own hours and work mostly 3 days a week. We also have a couple of trips planned. We are going to the beach with some friends in June. I am actually looking forward to it. Its been about 10 years since I have been to the beach. Some time in July we are going to Pennsylvania with Megans dad. That will also be a blast. Its his 40th high school gradation reunion. I am sure alot of time will be spent at Ocoee river rats as well.
The past couple of weekends I have gone to the Nantahala river. Last week Travis J. and Crista went. It was Crista's first time on a river. I must say she is going to be a great kayaker. I bet she will be on the Ocoee at the end of the season. I just got back from helping a freind of mine teach a class at the Nanty. We had a great time. the weather forcast called for 80% chance of rain and clouds all day. But they were totally wrong. We had clear skies and sun all day. the nantahala is such a fun river. I cant wait to get Crista back on. That will be this coming weeekend. I was going to paddle the Ocoee today but woke up to rain and a chill in the air. All i had to keep warm was my dry top so I came on home. Which is great because I took an hour and half nap. I guess I needed the sleep.
Now that things will slow down I will be able to post more often. Our vegetable garden is doing just fine. We might have tomatoes soon. The flowers we planted are somewhat of a disappointment. It could be all the rain. But I am not complaining about that. Makes for great kayaking.