Saturday, February 28, 2009

Nasty day...

outside today. It has been cold and misty all day. The good news is I am back to normal. I finally got to do some things around the house today. I mounted a hanging basket in the pantry to put stuff on. It makes alot more room in there.

I also played with my new new toy. Thursday I went to Rock Island (home of Jackson Kayak) to pick a new kayak. Its a used boat. I got it from a guy who paddles on the Jackson team. I went to this guys house and there were about 4 or 5 professional kayakers there. It was like walking into my favorite sports team locker room. So today I outfitted it and sort of cleaned it up. I had to make it mine. My buddies and I planned to go to the Tellico today but decided not to because of the weather. Tomorrow I am going to the pool to give it a test run. Hopefully next weekend we can find some water somewhere.

The forecast calls for snow tonight...I don't believe it.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Flu like and lazy...

Well some how I got the flu. Not real bad but I had body aches and very bad headache. Every time I coughed my body hurt. I feel so much better this morning. Best of all Megan and I just hung out on the couch yesterday. She went to Publix in the morning. After that we just hung out and watched TV. It was a real nice day but I had no energy. My kayaking buddies went with out me. That stinks because I want to go next weekend and they may not want to go. Anyways,I am so glad that Megan is back. The house is much more comfortable with her in it. Today is another day of R&R. Of course we will go to Sams for provisions. Then back to the house to do nothing.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Its finally here..

Friday that is. And today has an added bonus...Megan is coming home. I'm pretty excited about that. Its not like I was having a had time here alone. I just miss her. I was great for a day or two but yesterday and this morning I miss her alot. Anyways, we don't have much planned for the weekend. The place we work at has been hit with the flu. We had two teachers out all week and one of those even went to the hospital. There is also a bad cough going around and I caught it. Its going to be cold all weekend I see myself napping during the race and doing alot of reading. Well Happy Friday to All!!!!!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009


Well I have today off . I have been a lazy bum. Megan had to go to Alabama to help her mom. So I am all alone with the cats and dog. Megan left yesterday then I went to the pool and had some roll practice. I like going to to the pool but it hurts my eyes. Jim and I were doing rolls as fast as we could and the water gets in my eyes. Clay P. came over later and we watched the race. Clay has been my friend from high school. We had a few and ate some chicken sausage things. Saturday Megan and I spent the day together. We didn't do anything special. We cooked some meat on the grill and played the wii.
Its been a real long time since I have had a few days to myself. I'm sort of bored today. I go away on the weekends a lot but this is the first time I have been in the house alone. Now I know how Megan feels when I go kayaking all weekend. Hopefully I will be doing that soon. We need alot of rain. It seems like we are back in the drought again. Maybe we will have a wet spring.
Megan will be gone a few days. We went to the grocery and got me bachelor food. Stuff I can cook for just me. Most of you know I love to cook anyway. Tonight its going to be mac and cheese with polish sausage.

Friday, February 13, 2009


thata about all I can say this morning. I am ready for the weekend. And its a three day weekend.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

no updates in a few days..

It sort of has been a crazy week. Nothing big just busy. tonight I have that damn cold again. Both Megan and I do. I just took it easy after work. Check back this weekend for more.

Monday, February 9, 2009

It may not be spring..

..but it has felt like it the past few days. Today after work, I did some things outside and then cooked one of my favorite meals. Its hamburger steaks and baked potatoes. It one of our grilling staples. I hope this weather continues with lots of rain. I need to go kayaking soon. Have a good night everyone.

Two days in a row...

that we got to grill. Saturday night George And Katie came over. We cooked brats and sat by the fire. George Alex,their son played on the deck. It was such a good time. I stayed up late watching Northern Exposure. Old TV shows on DVD are really cool. Hoping to get Cheers or Magnum P.I. next. Last night Megan and I cooked cube Steak on the grill. Its cube steak rolled up with stuff inside. Very Good!!! Looks like a nice week this week. Dont know our plans for Valentines day. All I know is we have a three day weekend comin up.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


I have always been a pantry shopper. However, my friend Lori has taken pantry shopping to a different level. She showed me a couple of great websites to print coupons using sales ads at the grocery store. She has saved so much money on her grocery runs by doing this. I figured that it could never hurt to try if it saves money. Well, I have been doing this for about a month now and my pantry is overflowing. To help me out I asked Jason to build a shelf for me. It turned out great. Here's a picture of my new shelves and all the food that doesn't fit in the pantry.


Its suppose to be a warm weekend here in Murfreesboro. Yesterday was really nice. After work Megan and I hung out on the deck until it was time to go to dinner. We ate with friends at a place called Razzs. The food is great and the service is wonderful as well. But this is one of those places that's adds the tip to tables of 6 or more. It really frustrates me. Don't get me wrong I tip and big sometimes. This place is never crowded and we had the back room to ourselves. It wasn't like we ordered a bunch of drinks or stuff. We just had dinner. Oh well...done venting.
Today I am going to add a shelf in the pantry for Megan and then do something outside. Tonight we will build a fire in the pit and watch the stars. Its sort of sad the there is no more football. The pro bowl doesn't count.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Have you ever had one of those days where you just didn't want to go to work. I am having that this morning! I guess Id better go get ready.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


...stinks at times. The weather in Tennessee is crazy. This past weekend the temps got to around 60. I love those days, but they are always followed by really cold temps. Like today Its cold and windy.This time of year I always get a little cranky. I try to keep busy after work. Today I did the Wii Fit. Its fun, I was totally surprised how much of a work out you get with it. I try to do it a few times a week. The weather people say its going to be sort of warm this weekend so hopefully Megan and I can cook on the grill. Our friends in Alabama,Lori and Anthony, showed us how to cook these cube steak things on the grill. I might try that.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Its been a good far.

Yesterday a group of friends and myself went kayaking. It was super cold in the morning and I was second guessing myself. We met at the Cracker barrel in Cookeville and by the time we ate it was starting to warm up. We headed to Clear creek. We did the canyon to Nemo bridge. I was pumped up by the time we put on the water. The first mile and half in the canyon there are some technical class 3+ with maybe a 4 mixed in. I wanted to post some pics but I didnt charge the camera(found that out at the put in). I missed the line in the first rapid and just about went into the hole(where you dont want to go). So after that scary moment I stepped up my game and the rest of the day did just fine.
We got to the truck around 2 or so and headed back to the boro. Megan and I went to dinner and came home and watched some TV before falling asleep. Today we have been getting ready for the Super Bowl. I am lucky to have married a football fan. Megan has been a Steelers fan all her life. she converted me a few years ago(i was a Chiefs fan). Some friends are coming over to watch with us. Hopefully the Steelers will be the victors! Its 66 degrees so im going outside to enjoy it.