Monday, July 27, 2009

Ocoee weekend.

Thursday morning myself Megan and George Alex loaded up and headed out to River Rats. I got them up early so I could set up camp and hit the river. I met Travis at camp and Megan dropped us off. Travis and I spent most of the playing down river. By the time we got to Hell hole I was worn out. Let me brag on Megan a little bit. Some people are called shuttle bunnies when they drop boaters off and help run shuttle but Megan is a river angel. All I had to do was call her from hell hole and she came and picked us up. She is GREAT!!!. For supper that night Travis brought up some fresh shrimp and We had a low country boil. It was very tasty. Charlie did most of the cooking. Our desert was a peach cobbler made by Robert(who is 14 and a good boater)with fresh peaches. It was the best.
Friday we did it again. This time it most of our paddling gang. We spent all day out there . I finally hit all the eddies in Broken Nose. I was stoked about that. The river was crowed with lots of raft traffic. Friday night others started to roll into camp. We had a fire and good conversation but I was wiped out so went to bed. The popup was nice and cool inside and I slept great. Saturday George, Jim, Robert G., Jay ,Crista and Ed went to the Nanty. Travis Josh and I went back to the Ocoee. Another great day. When we got to Goforth Creek Katie and megan were there with the kids. We played in creek a bit but the boys were hungry so Megan and Katie took them back to camp to eat and nap. While sitting there a snake swan from behind Josh so we hauled our butts out of there. We all were sort of worn out so we got to hell hole and called Megan to come get us. The plan for Sunday was to go to the Hiwassee. But Saturday Megan started to catch a cold and woke up Sunday full blown sick. So we loaded up and came home. Megan slept most the rest of the day. I hope she gets better soon.
It was another great trip to the river. The boys are headed back Thursday for one more weekend before I head back to work. It had been a fantastic summer.

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