Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Big Water Ocoee

Last weekend we stayed at River Rats with Krista and Jay. They took a class Saturday so A few of went to the Ocoee. We heard it was running big. When we got there you could tell something was up. We drove up the hole river and decieded to get on at goforth creek. I have always heard about the ocoee at lots of flo but had never seen it much less paddled it. Our group did great we even had two 14 year old boys with us who one day will be great paddlers. Far better than their dads.

Sunday we drove aropund M'boro the best we could to look at the damage. You see that stuff on TV and movies but that was my first time seeing something like that live. It was very humbling. My prayers go out to all who lost.

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  1. minor correction; Robert just turned 13 and I think that Tripp's 13th birthday is in June...