Saturday, April 25, 2009

Where have we been???

The past couple of weeks has been busy. I am not going to complain about work on here but it has been rough. It always is this time of year. I want summer vacation as much as the kid do. I think we have got 4 weeks left. After a hard day at work I love to come home and work in the yard. We have been working just about everyday. As wet as it has been I think I have been mowing twice a week. We got our garden in the ground last week. I went and got a couple of truck loads of dirt from Martins here in Murfreesboro. We have a raised bed. I was going to put landscaping times around it until I remembered that those are pressure treated,so we just raised it without those. Hopefully I killed all the weeds around it. Anyways,we planted peppers,squash,,and cucumbers. I also planted tomatoes in the corner of the flower bed by the deck and some more plants in a container that I placed on the deck. This is our second year at trying a garden. Last years turned out OK so we doubled the size this year.
This morning we got up and went back to Martins and got a bunch of flowers and filled my truck up with mulch. Its a tough job emptying the truck full of mulch. We put mulch in all our plant beds. Our hands turned black. It took lots of scrubbing to get them clean. Megan put flowers in 4 hanging baskets and all sorts of pretty things in the bed that borders the deck. I think my favorite will be the sunflowers. It should look great when everyting is in full growth. I will have Megan post pictures then. I dont know what we have planned for the rest of the weekend. Its a good thing we got all that done because we will be camping the first three weeks of May. Everyone go out and enjoy this wonderful weather.

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